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Molded Cable Assemblies
Improved Strain Relief & Grommets, Custom Injection Molding Services, Overmold Tooling, Rapid Prototypes, Cable Mold Design & Engineering

Our company offers a large variety of standard molded cable assemblies and injection molding services for custom cables, PCBs, electrical and electronic components and assemblies, medical devices and cables, instrumentation cables, power cables and industrial connectivity products. We work with many types of material, such as plastic and rubber. Our Cable Mold Design & Engineering Services are fully computerized, and it takes us a very short time to configure a 3D molding solution based on you specifications, or requirements. We are fast and reliable, and we manufacture from small quantities to high volume. Please see below some of our rubber and plastic molds for the cabling industry:

     Custom Strain Reliefs
     Custom Cable Boots
     Custom Cable Grommets
     Custom Cable Bushings

We are specialists in:

     Custom Molded Cable Assemblies
     Custom Molded Enclosures for Electronics and Electrical Components and Assemblies
     Custom PCB Molding
     Custom Switch and Sensor Molding

As a well established custom cable manufacturer we have very competitive prices for molded parts, molded cable assemblies and mold tools. Our products are made of quality material and components, have a modern design, and superior engineering. Please see below our advantages:

     Very low cost, due to Modular Cable Mold Designs
     Rapid Mold Prototyping, and Development
     Various Configurations for Flex and Strain Relief
     Off the Shelf Plastic & Rubber Cable Grommets, Cable Bushings, Cable Boots, etc.
     Various quantities and delivery schedules
     Significant money savings for tools
     Consistently meet and exceed specifications
     Quick Deliveries, Short lead times
     Standard Over mold tooling for many connector types

We serve OEM's  and ODM's in the computer, networking, communications, medical, instrumentation, and industrial markets with US made, as well as offshore molded cable assemblies, plastic and rubber cable parts, and cable molding tools.

Please see below some of our molded cable assemblies:

 RF Molded Cable Assemblies
 Fibre Channel & Infiniband molded cables
 RJ45 CAT-5,5E,6 Gigabit,10Base-T UTP and STP LAN Molded Cable Assemblies
 Custom FireWire Molded Cable Assemblies
 USB Custom Molded Cables
 DVI & HDMI Molded Cables
 SCSI, SAS & SATA Custom Cables
 Overmolded D-Sub Cables w/ Ferrite
 AV Cables, 3.5mm Stereo Plug cables
 Coaxial Cables SMA, SMB BNC, MMCX, Wireless Cables
 RJ45 Snagless Color Boots
 Power Cables for US and International Configurations
 Molded Cisco Cables and Cisco Router Cable Assemblies
 Patch cords with Boots / Strain Relief / Flex Relief

If you are looking for a custom cable manufacturing partner, you need to look no further. As a custom cable manufacturer with a long tradition in custom molded cables as well as traditional custom cable assemblies, we have the technology, the manufacturing capability and the expertise to provide you with the custom cables you require, quickly, affordably, and without compromising quality.


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Design - Engineering - Prototypes - Manufacturing
Molded Cable Assemblies, Over Mold Tooling, Plastic and Rubber Strain Reliefs, Grommets, Bushings, Cable Boots, etc.

We accept:

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